Sunday, March 4, 2012

Harry Potter anyone?

This quilt top was donated last year for the Japan Tsunami relief, but I never did have a quilt back to go with it.  Well, if you save things long enough, they will eventually get togetehr with a backing and get quilted and be ready when the time is right. This one is now ready for binding and ready to head off to comfort a child in Indiana.  After contacting our Binky Patrol group, one of the chapters has stepped up and said they will be organizing the efforts to get quilts and blankets to the families affected by the tornadoes.  As soon as I get the ok to post an address, I will let everyone know where to send quilts if you want to help out.  No sense sending them to me first.

I just wish my body didn't give out so easily on me.  I can feel my shoulder starting to ache again and now my hip is starting to hurt as well.  Too much standing and quilting isn't so good.  I put the word out to my local group and have had volunteers already willing to help out.  :)

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sue niven said...

Just lovely, a great quilt for a boy.