Sunday, March 4, 2012

boy quilts

I'm furiously trying to get some boy quilts made up.  After hearing of the destruction the tornadoes caused on Friday, I know Binky Patrol will be asked to help out with some comfort quilts and I'm completely out of boy quilts.  One of our faithful volunteers came by yesterday and picked up the last 4 quilts yesterday for a little guy in her kindergarten class who lost his mom in a car accident last week.  He is 5 and has a 9 year old brother and twin 3 year old brothers.  This is what Binky Patrol is for, ready and willing to give comfort when kids need that extra hug.  She said the kids didn't really know why mom wasn't around and were really confused when their teachers showed up to their house.  I was so happy to have the four quilts ready for her when she called.

No more resting and messing around on the computer!  Back to work.  Hope to get at least one more boy quilt ready to go today.

Just waiting to hear of an address to send the quilts and we will be ready to go.  I love how my volunteers always step up when the call goes out!

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quilt happy said...

that is so nice love what you'll do and i am going to make won like that for my next greatgrand