Saturday, March 28, 2009

keeping busy

I have been keeping busy this last week. After taking Monday off and cleaning the house and getting some gardening done, I have been working on my feathers and quilting. I did another practice quilt, just two pieces of fabric with lots of different feather patterns on it. My daughter #2 loves this one, so when it is done, I am going to surprise her with it.
Then, a teacher at my school has been in the hospital since right before Christmas and is not doing well. I quilted this happy and bright quilt for his wife to give her some encouragent. I need to bind it tonight or tomorrow because the school is getting a basket of things together for her on Monday.
This is the back of the quilt.
And finally, this last quilt is for my friend whose dad has heart failure and is in the hospital. Again, more feathers and other leaves and swirls as I am learning new things. I love being able to hear the quilt tell me what it wants where.
Now, to start feeling better so I have more energy again. I have some kind of bug that is going around school and am really tired and have a stuffy head. My ears are plugged up and when I take medicine for that, it makes me feel sick to my stomach and not feel like doing anything.

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