Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm tired

Last night little guy was up half the night with an ear ache. He is fine today, but was crying and hurting and I couldn't do much for him. I finally gave him some Benedryl and got the trusty rice bag and heated that and he went right back to sleep. Me, not so much. We both stayed home today. I can hear him as he watches Dora. "Swiper! Backpack!" He hasn't watched that in a long time. It is really cute. He fell asleep when we took the other two to school this morning. I should take a nap, but probably won't. I feel like I have been given a free day and there is so much to get done that I can't waste it on sleep.

I got two quilts quilted already, but am too tired to hang them up for pictures. I will take pictures of them soon because one is going to be given away this afternoon. My son's head custodian became a grandpa last week and my son wanted me to make a baby quilt for the grandbaby. I had the quilt top since last March and today it finally got quilted. It took me a whole 20 minutes to quilt from pinning to unpinning. Wow, 20 minutes. Really, it took me a year and 20 minutes to quilt.

Why do I put the quilting off for so long when it only takes such a short amount of time to complete? The binding will only take another 20 minutes to get done and I will have a perfectly good baby gift in 40 minutes. I bet the piecing only took 20 minutes as well. If you think about it, you couldn't go out and buy a baby gift in under an hour if you really tried. And this cost me nothing. The batting was leftover from one of the other quilts since this is such a small quilt and the fabric was scraps from another project.

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