Saturday, March 7, 2009

Real quilts

Sudoku top by Nancy

Cheater black and white

Cheater panel farm

Quick stripie Noah's Ark from one of the ladies at AC4C (Marge in Canada I think?)

Ok, so I haven't just been messing around with garden quilts. Yesterday I stayed home from work with a sick little one. He was up half the night with an ear ache, but felt fine during the day so I got busy making quilts. I got one full quilt completed and 2 more quilted. Then, today because I'm stressed over things I have no control over I quilted 3 more quilts. I'm afraid I will run out of quilt tops here soon! I have 22 more tops and backs waiting to get finished and haven't done any piecing for a while. At this rate, I will finish within a month :) Won't that feel good? I'm also working on cleaning up the sewing room so I feel more creative again. It is a horrible mess with piles everywhere.

But, here is what I got done so far this weekend.
And this is the one for my son's head custodian's grand daughter.

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