Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ultimate Garden Quilt

Ok, so in the spirit of reduce/reuse/recycle and stashbusting, I came up with the idea to use my ugliest, non quilty fabrics to make a garden quilt. I was told to use weed cloth in the vegetable garden and thought, why not use my ugly fabrics to make my own? This is what I came up with in about 15 minutes of sewing today. I still have some work to do underneath to make the ground flatter, and the mind is willing, but the body is oh, so weak! It measures 8 feet by 35 feet!

I'm hoping that with 15 minutes a day all this coming week, I can have the garden ready for planting next weekend. I will have to keep the dog on the side yard from now on, or she will see this as a giant dog bed and make a mess of it. I plan to get some bricks for around the edges and buy some snail bait for under and around the edges as well. I will also put straw over it, so you really won't see the quilt for very long, but it turned out pretty nice, for ugly fabrics. Some of the fabrics look pretty, but are poly blends, or are thin, or faded or stained or otherwise not good for making quilts for kids. This way, they will have a purpose instead of sitting in the sewing room taking up space.

Can you imagine if I put this in the front yard, what the grouchy neighbor lady would say? It makes me laugh just to think about it :) I'm so bad.


Glasgow Lindsay said...

I love your garden quilt and think the 'plant a row' idea is great. So much better then all the worrying (and moaning) everyone is doing about the economy at the moment (I am sick of all the media gloom). Good for you actually diving in getting ready to go ahead and plant your row. I'm in a flat so cannot grow anything except house plants which we have not got around to buying since our move. Maybe we could have some real herbs then if we grow too many we can give some to our neighbours!? I enjoy your blog and love all your beautiful quilts BTW and am so impressed at your crocheting speed! Happy Quilting, Digging/Gardening and Crocheting! :-)

JudyL said...

Are you sure the grouchy neighbor isn't going to complain about it being in the back? :) Some people love to complain, you know? Good luck with the garden.