Sunday, March 22, 2009

feeling miserable

I woke up this morning around 4am with a terrible ear ache. I've never had my ear hurt like this and had the worst time getting back to sleep. So, I went to urgent care at 9 and the doctor thinks I have strep throat. She did a quick test which came back negative and the longer version which will take until Wednesday to get the results. By that time, I will either be cured or dead. Ok, so maybe not dead, but sicker. They don't give out antibiotics anymore like they used to so she sent me home to take a decongestant for the fluid that was behind my ear and now I feel worse. I hate taking medicine that makes me feel spacey. It is a gorgeous spring day outside, although we are having a bit of wind, and I am stuck inside feeling sorry for myself. Maybe when the medicine wears off I will feel like quilting or cleaning the sewing room, or getting some grading done at least. Grades are due on Tuesday, so I hope I feel at least well enough to get a little work done today.

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