Sunday, March 1, 2009

plans and hobbies

Ok, so I had grand plans for today and then I got puked on. I must have lost my cat like reflexes sometime in the last year or so. My 4 year old got me today and let me tell you it was not pleasant. Enough on that topic. He is feeling better now. Thank you LORD!

I had planned on going to church and taking the 12 quilts that are finished and waiting here to be delivered. I guess they will have to wait until next week to go. I had put the binding on the last one this morning and little guy says he doesn't feel well. I handed him a bucket and went to check on him and...
I counted and have 12 more quilts that have backs ready to quilt. This morning I had pinned one more quilt back to the frame while the computer turned on. I figure instead of wasting time, sitting at the computer while it does its thing, I will spend that time being productive. So, I pinned the back for the quilt and was hoping to get that quilt done today. No such luck so far. I have spent the entire day on the couch with little guy crocheting squares. I have 110 ready to ship out since Dec 1. I have used up a grocery size bag of yarn--about 10 skeins of odds and ends to make those squares--some squares had been started and just needed an extra round or two to finish up to 7 inches to be useful for the blankets for the group All Crafts for Charity that I belong to. I've talked about that group before. Each month, they pick a different charity and each month is a different focus, but each month afghans are needed, so when I have some TV time, I sit and crochet squares because I can do that without thinking about what I'm doing and it uses up the yarn that is sitting around here.

My other plan for the day was to try and match up the quilt tops that are sitting around with some backing fabric and hang them in the closet that my daughter left empty when she went to college. I saw on several blogs that people hang their quilt tops and backings on hangers in closets and just realized that I have this nice, big closet with lots of empty hangers just sitting here waiting for me to use. I may or may not get around to doing that project, but at least I'm thinking about doing it. When it gets done, I will have more space in my sewing room because right now, the quilt tops are in a big pile in the middle of the sewing room, on top of a bucket of I don't know what. More scraps I think. I have to get in there one of these days and organize it so I know what is where.

Oh, well, another day maybe.

It is raining again today. I was watching the weather channel and the guy says rain today, tomorrow, Tuesday, Wed, Thursday, Friday, Saturday...Sounds like a wet week. Maybe it will rain enough that they can't get the busses out and they will cancel school and I will have to stay home and clean the sewing room. Oh, bummer :)

On the subject of hobbies. Do you know people who don't have hobbies? I was talking to a friend yesterday and she was saying that she doesn't have any hobbies. We were trying to find a hobby for her. I have several friends like that. I couldn't live without my hobbies. Actually my hobbies are more of obsessions for me. She was so funny. She came over today all excited and announced that she found a hobby! She likes making puzzles! She was so proud that she has a hobby now. I just laughed.

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Lori in South Dakota said...

my sisters don't have hobbies. One has taken up gardening, but it became more and obsession than a hobby. the other can't get interested in anything. Sigh And the only other person I knew who didn't have a hobby, well, that marriage didn't last and they got divorced--not sure if the lack of hobby had anything to do with it.