Saturday, March 14, 2009

sending you spring

The fish are happy that the water has warmed up. I put the in the pond when they were about 1/2 inch long and now the biggest is about 10 inches long! That was 3 years ago. Wow, they must be finding something good to eat.

Crab apple tree

Not sure what this is. It blooms, but no fruit ever sets.

It was so windy, this flower would not hold still for its picture to be taken.

In case you live in a part of the country where it is still winter, I thought I would share some Spring with you. It has been so nice this week and I got my garden planted today. Well, a little bit of it. I worked until my body said STOP! and I Mean IT! I planted two rows of peas, three spots of zucchini, four different types of tomato plants (don't ask me what kinds please) and three rows of carrots. I used up about 1/3 of the garden so far. I will plant more this week after it rains tomorrow or when my back lets me bend again. I bought 60 bricks to hold down the garden quilt and put 20 stakes around the edges of the garden to help me keep track of where things are in the garden. I also used some yarn to help me try to make straight rows. Boy, do I need help making things straight! But, I'm not entering a garden contest, so I guess it will be ok.
Don't look at the weeds in the background! I know, I have a lot of work still to be done. I tend to jump right in and plant before I finish getting ready. Oh, well...
I still want to plant more tomatoes. I will see if any of these seeds come up first before planting more in the garden. I may need to start them indoors first and then transplant them outside, or just buy already planted plants. I also want more zucchini plants and may buy those too. I didn't have any luck with my zucchini last time around. I had big bushy plants but didn't get one fruit to set. Have no idea what I did wrong, but the first year I had more fruit than I could eat or give away! I'm learning and it is a good thing I don't rely on the garden to keep me and the kids alive :)

Here is the quilt I did this week too. Another quick stipie from You really have to check out her great patterns if you need something quick for a gift, or have some fabric you need to use up. They are quick, look great and everyone loves them.

These are the crochet squares ready to go. I had 129 done and only 100 fit in the box. So, I have a head start on the next box. I need to save a bigger box for next time. These have been finished since Dec 1 of 2008. Just a few minutes here and there watching TV can add up to a lot of warm squares. All of them are 7 inches.
I really need to work on grades and do some more quilting or put bindings on the 6 quilts I did these last two weeks, but it is supposed to rain tomorrow so maybe I will go back outside and get some vitamin D going...


Grandma said...

Where do you live that you can plant your garden this early? Thanks for sharing the pictures of the pretty flowers. I love all that you get done in a day. Sorry you had a bad week but hope it's better next week. Keep on quilting.
Diane in Alaska

marilyn said...

I'm in Northern California, where we pay dearly for the beautiful weather :)