Friday, February 13, 2009

very productive day

Well, I made a list this morning of all of the things I wanted to get done this four day weekend and have made quite the dent. I won't share the list because I have no idea how much will actually get done, but here's what got done so far.

I got 5 quilts bound

I got one top pieced

I got one baby sewn together and made the hat for its head
and I got 4 loads of laundry washed, folded and put away. I will NOT show you pictures of that :)

I also did two loads of dishes and spot cleaned the carpet where the little dogs decided to pee. Yeah, that was super fun. Want to come over next weekend and help me? Didn't think so. In addition, I vacuumed the stairs and the living room and picked up because "Not Me" was here again this week making a mess of the place. He brought his friend "I Didn't Do It". They must have come over when the kids weren't home because nobody saw them this time. Of course the kids helped me with the picking up. And those two dirty scoundrels left behind buckets of dirty clothes. I have no idea how such small children can make so many piles of dirty clothes in such a short amount of time, but they manage. At least I have a washer and dryer in the house. It rained pretty hard today.

I had to go out this morning before it rained and when I came home, for some reason the door to the car didn't shut well and hubby found it wide open when he came home and the car was getting all wet inside. I didn't want to go out and see the damage. I have a feeling all of my tests that need grading are soaked. Oh, well, I guess everyone got an A on that test. I bet the kids will all cry when they find out. Bummer.

I also found another friend on Facebook from elementary school. I just joined because of my brother and now have found two old friends. One just had her first baby. My first baby just graduated high school and this friend is just getting started. When did I get old? Please
don't answer that.


Anonymous said...

Good for you! You've been very productive. I like your quilts!

Mary said...

I have a friend like too - my kids were finishing high school and she was having a baby...I couldn't do a baby at 40!

Don't you love lists? I'm burning my way through my list for February.