Tuesday, February 3, 2009

crib bumper is done

Here is the crib bumper. I'm bound and determined to beat this baby! He is due March 19 and I was reminded again today that time is running out. Only 6 weeks left until his due date. I made his mother promise not to go into labor early because I'm taking over one of her classes, which means an extra class to teach, on top of the work I'm already doing. I will get paid extra for it, which will be nice, but I know that it means more lab books to grade and more student names to learn.

And this picture proves that I need a new ironing board cover. Ew...I tried to buy one at WalMart, but either my ironing board is non standard, or they don't make them like this anymore. Ok, so it is 20 years old, but have ironing boards really changed in 20 years? Really? Do I really have to make my own cover? I wanted to be lazy and just buy one. The one I bought is about 6 inches too short. Grrr. I hate taking things back to the store.

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Alycia said...

oh that is cute! The baby will love waking up and seeing the cheery colors!