Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby shower gifts

Sunday and Monday were spent working on gifts for the baby shower that is on Thursday. I also spent a good portion of the day yesterday taking my youngest to the doctor for pink eye. I miss my regular doctor. He knows that with 4 kids, I know what pink eye looks like. But, he wasn't working yesterday and the new guy didn't trust that I knew what I was talking about and he made me bring the little guy in and expose everyone out there only to be told, yeah, he has pink eye, now take him home and give him these eye drops. Really? Do you know how frustrating that is? I didn't even get to see the doctor I talked to on the phone so I could tell him how frustrated I was with him. He made me see a different doctor who was wondering why I brought the little one in, since I knew what pink eye was and had 4 kids. Oh, well, at least it is a treatable disease and he can go to school today on the medicine.
Enough complaining.
I made the quilt simple, this is what the mother wanted and it turned out really cute. She bought the fabric and I just put it together. I love the funky monkey fabric and think I will get some for my oldest daughter who also loves sock monkeys.
The diaper bag was so easy to make and has 4 inside pockets. http://www.quiltingartstv.com/projects_index.php
You have to log in to get the pattern. It is from project 107. You make a quilt, fold in flaps, sew a square in the middle, fold over the outer flaps to make the casing for the handles and you are done. I added the little funkey monkey fabric as an embelishment. I will never buy another shower gift again!
The funny thing is, the quilt and diaper bag took as much time to make as the little hat and booties. The hat took 2 hours and the booties took an hour and a half. Crazy! I want to be one of those little grannies who can knit like the wind and make a pair of booties in 15 minutes. I had better practice more because my knitting is so slow compared to my crocheting. Of course, I have a few years before becoming a granny, so I have plenty of time...
I'm working on a crochet hat and booties set, but not sure if those will get done.
Of course, I waited until 7pm to start grading 5 sets of tests and didn't get through one set before going to bed last night. We don't have another break until April 10 so I was going to enjoy my time off. There will be time to grade some papers today I think. If not, there is always tonight.

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