Friday, February 20, 2009

Grading weekend

Grrr. I won't be able to play as much as I want this weekend. It is a grading weekend because progress reports have to go out next week. Ick. I'm not happy. But, I do love having a job so I can afford to play.

The baby shower gifts were a hit and I had people ask if I quilted for pay. I told them no. Then one friend said she was going to have a baby so she could get a quilt. She is older than me and not married and isn't in the market so she wasn't serious, but she really wants a quilt, so I will add her to my "one day, when I don't have any more quilts to make" list. Or, maybe I could get her to grade all of my papers and then I could quilt and have fun. I bet she would actually go for that trade. She loves to work. Now, I'm starting to think.

I want to get some more quilts bound so I can get them to church on Sunday and out of the house. I love getting quilts out of the house to make room for more quilts. That is always a good feeling. And I love seeing the numbers change on the 'where are the quilts' list.

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