Sunday, February 8, 2009

thank you

I'm feeling much better today. Thank you for your prayers that my migraine would end.

Here's some pictures from the last couple of days. This first one is of my little guy. They had International Day at preschool. Each child had to pick a country of their ancestors and dress up like those people. My family comes from all over, so he picked Poland. I was going to have him wear his clothes backward (Polock joke) but instead got him this nice suit to wear. I have no idea if this is what people in Poland wear, but he was happy to get all dressed up. The kids colored flags from their country and had a parade around the school. It rained on their parade, but they were as happy as could be. The local newspaper even came out and took a picture (which wasn't very good if you ask me--my kid wasn't in it :)

Then, they had a feast with everyone bringing something from their chosen country. We brought sauerkraut and little sausages. I heard that the sauerkraut wasn't touched, but the sausages were a bit hit. Good thing I got 4 packages!

Here is the little project I worked on yesterday morning. It is a gift for my friend I've never met, Mary. She designed the stripie pattern that the ladies at my church can't get enough of. They refuse to make any other quilt. We have made at least 50 quilts from her pattern and when she asked on her blog for one (or 5) of these how could I not honor her request. I had some troubles with the binding because I'm not used to using 2 1/4 inch binding strips so Mary, don't look too closely at the back, but this project turned out pretty cute and I have 5 more of them cut out.

Today is Binky Sunday and I am hoping to remember to bring my camera. We are measuring and marking fabric for a sale to benefit ovarian cancer research. We also have the chance to purchase any of the fabric at $2 a yard. I am hoping to not come home with all of the fabric I touch. I do need some solid color fabric for bindings though. I have a lot of quilts that need to be bound and was looking through my fabrics and didn't find anything last night. So I NEED some more fabric for that :)

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