Monday, February 9, 2009

Renewed Vision

Last night we had a prayer meeting with the missionaries from Kazakhstan who were home for the holidays. They shared their vision for the future in Kazakhstan and we prayed for them as well as for the quilting ministry I started last year. I left last night with renewed energy and excitement for making quilts. This year's focus will be on making quilts for all of the missionary families that are serving in Kazakhstan as it can get pretty lonely over there and these hugs from home will be physical reminders of the prayers and support from the United States churches that are praying for them. We will continue to send quilts to the orphanages that are over there, as there are several more orphanages that are 'not fit for dogs to live in' and that could really use quilts for the kids as well.

I feel really called to continue this ministry of taking a little fabric and a little time and the talents the Lord has given me to make hugs for hurting children. Getting to see pictures of children who received quilts really inspired me to get back to work.

Continue to pray for my migraines to stop. I had another one today and they really drain my energy.


Alycia said...

Girl - you are amazing. How many people are helping you make the quilts for the missionaries?

Sue H said...

I'll remember you in my prayers. You are an inspiration!