Sunday, August 30, 2015

quilting machine is still working

SO last week my son had mentioned that since he got a single room he would like to have a fridge and microwave for his room at college.  For whatever crazy reason, I figured I should order it right away and so on Monday, the microwave showed up and Tuesday, the fridge showed up.  Of course UPS put them right in front of the door and the microwave wasn't too bad, but the fridge was pretty big and heavy.  It was hard to get around.  When my son brought it in, he put it in the room with the quilting machine and blocked my way so I couldn't get to the machine!  What was I thinking?  He doesn't go off to college for another 3 weeks.  This just wouldn't do.

So, this morning, I asked him to move the thing to another room (he chose the kitchen--anyone hungry?) so I could get back to the quilting machine to make sure it still works.

Yep, it is still working.  I'm so happy to have my toy back and be able to get at this stack of quilt tops and backings I matched up over the past 10 months when I couldn't get to anything else.

Then, he mentions that his girlfriend asked when her quilt would be finished.  You see, she started college last week.  Her quilt is in the blocks stage on the design wall.

I have a list about 400 items long of things I could have been working on while my machine was broken, but just didn't quite get to.  Good thing I'm going to live to be 200 so I can get them all done.

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