Sunday, August 30, 2015

To think at one time I was afraid of zippers

 Now I love putting zippers in things.  And I'm not even using a zipper foot.  Once I figured out how to put a zipper in something in, and it wasn't so scary, putting zippers in things is actually very fun.  I've been making some pencil cases and bags out of jeans.  I made one for myself for school because I have to share two rooms this year and can't just leave my 'stuff' laying around.  I have to carry my pens and highlighters I use for grading from room to room.
It would have been just as easy to go to WalMart and buy a pencil case for a couple of dollars, but where's the satisfaction in that?

So I played around with some fabric from the pant leg of a jean and came up with a couple different ideas.  I will be sending these off to my friend at Layers of Hope for her etsy shop.  I have the box almost full so watch for new things to show up in her shop soon.

The two pitbull bags have long straps so you could wear them over your shoulder or across your chest and they are big enough to carry a small wallet, phone and your keys.

I made the giraffe embroidery design myself.  My son's 6th grade teacher loves giraffes and I didn't have a design.  I'm playing around with a digitizing program called Sew Art.  It is really fun to take a free clip art picture from the internet and change it into an embroidery design.  I'm going to make a pencil case for her with a bigger giraffe on it and probably her name too.  I just wanted to try one out and it came out cute.

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