Wednesday, August 12, 2015

a little bit crazy

 So I have been a little bit crazy making these key fobs lately.  I gave  75 to a friend of mine who rung Layers of Hope and another 96 to a friend who is raising money for a diabetic therapy dog and can't seem to stop.
 I'm learning to digitize my own designs and came up with several different train ones because there were none out there to purchase.  I forgot to take pictures of them this morning before giving a couple dozen to my son to take to the train museum today.  He only has a few more weeks of work before he goes off to school.
 My oldest daughter is driving from St. Louis to Miami yesterday and today with two cats.  She is having quite the adventure with the male cat having a hissy fit and throwing up and pooping all in the first 30 minutes of the trip.  I told her it was good practice for motherhood.
 My younger daughter flew back to LA last night.  But, before she did, she went through everything in her room and made bags of things to give away.  Seems like she doesn't plan to come home to live anymore.  Sad day for me :(
 I guess I always knew they would have to grow up and move out on their own, but didn't realize it would come so soon.
 I should celebrate by turning her room into another sewing room.  I know I could use the space, but for now, it sits, just in case she changes her mind.  Hey, it could happen!
How about a baby fish hat to cheer you up?  This one is going to Layers of Hope etsy shop

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KaHolly said...

Time sure flies, Marilyn. Our kids grow up so quickly. Hey, thanks for the link to the Layers of Hope Etsy shop. I'll pass it on!