Sunday, August 23, 2015

I'm back and Rebecca is FIXED!

I can't believe it has been since November that I've had a reliable, working robotic quilting machine!  Fingers crossed and knocking on wood, but I think Rebecca the Robotic machine is actually fixed this time.  After replacing the x and y encoders and wires, the handlebar controllers, the wire inside the handlebars, the motor sensor, the black box that controls the robot and finally the black wire from the handlebars to the back of the machine.  Pretty much the only thing that isn't new on the machine is the motherboard, which would cost another $1,000.  
 I think I spent around $1,000 on all the different parts and I'm not sure how much pain and suffering can be factored into the cost.  But after quilting these two red/white quilts today, all is forgotten.  It's like the birth of a child.  Labor is so painful, but once you hold that baby in your hands, you forget about it and want another one.
 I have so many quilts to get finished up and thankfully spent some of the last 10 months matching quilt tops to backings so was able to quickly pull out several that are ready to go.  I have quite a few that need the backings sewn to be the right size, but at least they are already matched.

Hopefully I will find time after work to get some quilts made and sent off to my friend in Washington to help out the families who lost homes to the fires.

If you want to help out, check out all of the information you will need on the Layers of Hope blog.

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