Thursday, August 13, 2015

Recycling Denim Jeans

 So I have a new obsession now.  I've been buying jeans at the GoodWill Outlets and using the fabric for making key fobs, but what do you do with the top part of the jeans?
 Well, you make cute purses of course!  I've been checking out all of these great ideas on Pinterest and came across this great idea for a little girl's purse from the bottom of the pant leg.
 When I finished the purse, I thought it would also make a great wine bottle holder as a gift for giving and sure enough it is just the right size to hold a wine bottle.  Funny story.  Last year when I was having so many really bad migraines I read that wine helped make them go away, so I bought this bottle.  Nope, it didn't take away my migraines.  Oh, you mean you are supposed to drink the wine?  Maybe that was my problem.
 Without the wine, the little purse folds over and would hold your cell phone and a small wallet or credit cards for a night out on the town.
 Here's a bigger purse with lots of pockets.  Since it is made from jeans, it has the front and back pockets for storing things and I added a pocket inside for extra room.
 I left the top of the pocket open, so there is an extra pocket within the pocket.
I even added a strap from some overalls to close the top so all of the treasures inside don't fall out when you drop the purse on the floor like I always do when I come in the door.  The overall strap attaches to the front button on the jeans.

Both of these will be going off to my friend who runs Layers of Hope to help raise money for postage.  Keep an eye out in her Etsy shop for them to appear.

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Farm Quilter said...

Love your Kool-Aid wine holder!! Not knocking Arbor Mist...I've been known to drink a bottle or two of it, but I think the kind of wine they are referring to is an actual Merlot, Red Zinfandel, maybe a Cabernet, Petite Sirah...but in the summer, a cold Exotic Fruits or Blackberry Merlot from Arbor Mist is very nice! I always drink the others I mentioned at room temperature! Of course, back in the day, red wines gave me an instant headache because of the tannins...luckily I outgrew that reaction!