Saturday, September 15, 2012

All that Jazz!

 My son is playing in two jazz bands.  This first picture was taken with the City Jazz Band.  They practice for 6 weeks and then give a concert at the Vaca Jazz Days.  My son loves to play his trombone.
 These next two were taken today with his high school band.  He is playing the bass trombone and loves that he is different from the other 'bones' in his group.  These kids have been together 3 weeks so far this school year and are already putting on one awesome concert!  After 4 years of listening, I finally appreciate Jazz.  It is an acquired taste :)
Want to see how much he has changed since 2011?  Here is a picture of him playing in the Vaca Jazz band way back then
And my post from 2010.  He isn't a little kid anymore!

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