Friday, September 21, 2012

space shuttle

I was so hoping to see the space shuttle fly over my school today.  I'm in Northern California, between Sacramento and San Francisco and along a possible flight path.

My friend sent a student to come get me around 9:35.  We all ran outside and watched a tiny play very far away and thought that was the shuttle.  The kids weren't half as excited as I was.

Then, during my next class around 10:00 another student came in and said, no, this is the real shuttle!  We all ran outside and this time actually saw the shuttle.  Of course, my phone camera can't take a picture that far away, but I know it was in the picture, top, right.  Yeah, that speck :)

I could even see the chaser plane following along.  This group of kids said, 'what's the big deal?  I live on an air force base, I see planes flying every day!'  Oh, how old I felt.  They didn't even know what the shuttle was!  So, we went in and I played a video of the Challenger explosion and we talked about how important the shuttle was to me and my growing up years.  Kids these days take everything for granted.  Of course we can go into space, no big deal!

My dad worked on things that worked on space stuff so it was even more special and made me feel that connection to my dad :)

It was so cool!  I asked my little guy if he saw it and he said his whole school came out to watch it go over.  He thought it was pretty cool too.


Judith said...

Hello Marilyn, I am so happy you got to see the Endeavour fly by. I was in Houston when I landed at Ellington Field. Of course I did not take my Camera with me on this trip and my iPhone was not charged enough. It is a wonder to see and be able to see a part of history. I did post a few photos on my blog ( After my WDH got out from work, we went to Ellington Field to see her up close. She is a magnificant beauty. Judith, Texas

Heather said...

I saw the shuttle too! Boy was it exciting when it finally flew by, especially to see how big it was compared to the little escort plane flying behind it! :)