Monday, September 3, 2012

Cards for troops needed

Cards Can Make a         Difference…..                         
Kelli’s Heroes ‘Wounded Ward” Visitation Teams
are in need of your handmade cards.

We are looking for handmade cards of thank you; get well, as well as special cards for holidays to deliver to our returning wounded military that travel through David Grant Medical Center, Travis AFB each week.

  • Size and shape do not matter, only that they be home made.  Make them bright, full of love, patriotic are the best, as are any holiday themes  ( i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentines Day, Easter, Flag Day, 4th of July). Seasonal are great too!
  • A message of support and encouragement is a must.  Lots of love and support is truly the best.  Message must be appropriate to send in troop boxes or to deliver to our wounded and our veterans.
  • Use only first name when signing cards. Please do not use last names, addresses, phone number or put student pictures in the cards. 

Teachers/Youth Group Advisors: Please bundle them together, and place your contact information on a cover sheet with the cards.  We do want to make sure your group gets credit and a thank you, so don’t forget to let us know where they came from.
Completed cards can be mailed to:
Kelli Germeraad, Hospital Chairman
VFW Auxiliary 7244
Vacaville Veterans Memorial Building                                                                     
 549 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 9568

 My friend Kelli visits the returning Wounded Soldiers who come through Travis AFB on the way home for treatment.  She spends all day Saturday making treats for these guys to say 'thank you'.  I've given her several quilts to pass along for me.  She is a tireless hero in my book!

Can you help?

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