Sunday, September 2, 2012

Couple of little quilts

These little guys are about 28 inches and are perfect for car seat quilts.  One quilted with swirls and one with E's.  Nice to check them off the to do list.

And what would a long weekend be without starting a new project?  My friend at work's sister has bone cancer and my friend said her favorite color is purple, purple and more purple!  So, I pulled out all of the purples I have and am making a HUGE tumbler quilt.  I didn't plan on it being this big, but know that it will cover her from head to toe.  Just hope my machine can handle the width.  I have to be careful not to make them too big, or I have to ask my friend Carla to quilt them for me.  The colors are way off in this picture, but that's what I get for being lazy and taking the picture with my camera.  Should have it sewn together soon and will post a better picture then.

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