Sunday, September 2, 2012

my dad should be proud

not because of the upside down quilt picture, but because I got myself out of the clogged sink yesterday.  It only took about 8 hours, on and off working to get it clear.

I tried putting drain cleaner down, the plumber said not to put it in the garbage disposal side, so I put it on the other side of the sink and let it sit for an hour or so.  Nothing.

I opened the drain from outside and tons of water poured out.  Then, I used the snake and pushed it as far as it would go, which was about 3 feet before it hit the clog.  I had put way too much stuff down the garbage disposal on Friday and knew it might clog up, but thought since I had run a ton of water and there wasn't a problem on Friday I would be ok.  Nope :)

Then, after unclogging a bit and running the hose as far as it would go with water blasting, closed things up and tried again, nope, not fixed.  I let the hose run for about 30 minutes, thinking it might just loosen the clog.  Nothing doing.

Then, I ran the snake again, this time I was able to get it all 25 feet into the drain and was sure I had fixed things, but sure enough as soon as I put the plug in from outside the house, the drain clogged again.  I remembered that when the plumber was here, gunk came up out of the downstairs shower so thought I'd see if the clog was before or after that drain.  I ran the shower and sure enough, it clogged up.  I pried off the drain (ew, gross hair there) and then ran the snake in the shower and after a few good plunges, got the drain to go!  So exciting that my hard work paid off.  And I learned to scrape plates into the trash, not the sink :)  Just hope the dogs leave the trash alone, or we will have to take the trash out every night.  A much quicker fix than dealing with the drain again!


Ruth Ann said...

Good job on your plumbing job. We hardly ever put anything down our disposal because of the way the pipes are turned and make a couple of right angles, it stops up quiet easily. I bag smelly leftovers in plastic grocery bags and freeze them on a certain shelf until trash day. Empty out the leftovers the night before trash day.

Ruth Ann said...

quite, not quiet....Gracious me-I have a Master's degree and won our county spelling bee when I was 13!