Sunday, September 30, 2012

couple more and a long walk

More quilts quilted yesterday and this morning to get me a little closer to my goal.  Sometimes I get discouraged by what I'm not accomplishing that I forget all that I've gotten done this year.  I'm up to 191 quilts for the year.  That's nothing to sneeze at.  I have a long way to reach my goal for the end of the year, but one step at a time will get me there.

This morning I got out before it hit 100 (isn't it supposed to be fall?) and took a 3.2 mile walk.  I took one of my little dogs with me and she was panting something awful by the end.  We both crashed in front of the fan to cool off and then I got a quilt done and lunch made.

I have a box of lab books and a set of tests waiting to be graded.  I sure wish they had a grading machine.  Now that would be something to spend money on :)

Alright, off this computer and to work I go!

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