Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A moment to pause

I cannot believe it has been 11 years since the terrorist attack.  Today I pause and remember where I was and how all of our lives changed since then.

That morning I turned the news on and the first plane had just hit the first tower.  I watched, stunned, as the second plane hit.  I called my principal and asked what I should do.  I work right next to a military base.  She said, 'Come to work." I asked again and her voice became very stern.  "Come to work.  The students will need you.

That day, my kids couldn't go to school because the base was shut down, so I had to take them home again.  Only about half the students came to school (the ones that live on base couldn't get off and also wanted to spend time with a parent who was going to be headed off to war because of the terrorist actions).

Most teachers had the news going all day, but I chose to do some science experiment and many kids said they appreciated not having to listen to the news in my class.  They were worried about parents, friends and family who were serving in the military and wanted a break from thinking about the future.

I will never forget.

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