Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Volunteers and Do Over Days

Today was the first day of a new semester. I called today a Do Over Day for my students. There aren't often days like this. Today was a brand new day for my students. Everything is wiped clean. All of their tardies start over. All of their grades start new. Everything is fresh and a clean slate is presented to them. This only happens when you are in school and get to start clean.

We talked about the changes they need to make to do things better this semester.

Albert Einstein defines insanity as doing things the same and expecting different results. We talked about how changing things should expect different results. We talked about my oldest daughter and how she worked really hard every day of her high school career and how she was awarded a full ride scholarship to the college of her choice.

Last week we got a bill in the mail for just over $26,000 that is due Jan 25. My husband and I just laughed because we don't have to pay it. The scholarship pays everything...tuition, room, board, books, everything. All because she worked really hard in high school.

We talked about how choices today affect your future. I showed the kids places they can volunteer and get community service opportunity hours and places to apply for scholarships.

I had some kids interested in helping with Binky Patrol. That's cool!

If you have a charity organization you work with and need some volunteers, I'd like to suggest you contact your local high school. Call the counseling office or better yet, go in and talk to the head counselor. Bring in some fliers and ask to post them in the school office and around campus. Kids are looking for ways to help in their community, but have no idea where to start. Ask them to post your organization on their school website and to make an announcement over the loudspeaker. Ask them to call home and let the parents know about you and what you do.

You will get kids who are interested in helping you. Be sure you are ready for the help. The kids are ready and willing, but probably won't have a lot of skills. But, you might just be surprised! You may get more than you ask for!

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