Friday, January 7, 2011

Stars on the Go!

I'm challenged to make some star blocks and this weekend is as good as any! One of my groups, Stashbusters, is making star blocks in 12 inch size for a lady in the group and I plan to make as many different blocks as I can using my Go! fabric cutter. I plan to cut the fabric tonight and then sew, sew, sew!

One of the ladies in the group put together this list of 12 inch finished blocks and I can't wait to start printing out the patterns. After I have a snack :) I hope you find something you like and check back to see what I'm up to this weekend.

I have some grading to do too. It is gloomy out and makes me a little blue. I think I need some bright fabrics to chase those blues away!


Kasey said...

I just used my Go and the two dies I have (the one it came with, and a 5" square) and cut over 200 pieces during one episode of America's Funniest Videos- I LOVE THE GO! It can Go anywhere! And now I have charm squares... to make something... um... hmm...

Cheri said...

I'm making stars for Stashbuster today too. Well, at least one. Love your new header pic.