Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am not a super coupon-er

SO, I watched this show on TLC about people who get their groceries for free or almost so by using massive amounts of coupons and was inspired to start using coupons again. I haven't used coupons for at least 15 years because most of the time the store brand is still cheaper than the name brand even when you use the coupon.

I used to spend hours clipping coupons, carrying them around in my purse waiting for a sale and then pull them out only to find they had expired. I wasn't organized enough to get the savings these people on TV were getting so I gave up.

Well, after watching these people get $600 in groceries for $6, I thought I could save at least $20 on stuff I really need so I clipped coupons and headed out to WalMart yesterday with coupons in hand.

The first problem came up when I couldn't find the products I had coupons for. They had some of the things, but not all of them. Different type of air freshener, different type of pudding, wrong brand of antacid. Ok, they had some of the things I had coupons for, but it sure took a long time to make sure they were the same. And why do they have to make the print so small on the coupons? Do they really feel the need to make me feel so old? The cereal on was really bad. Choose from these different types of cereal and even the pictures were so small I wasn't sure I was picking the right cereals!

So, shopping took an extra 20 minutes just to get about 10 different things that I had coupons for and I wasn't even getting normal groceries, just the things I had the coupons for. Time is money you know.

Then, I got to the cashier. The lady on TV said she always chooses the young guy cashier because he is tolerant of her massive use of coupons. WRONG. He was nice and all, but he didn't know what he was doing with the coupons. Which meant he was extra slow. Which meant the people behind me in line weren't too happy with me :( Most of the coupons were buy one get one free, so he had to put the price in. I got some air fresheners and the coupons didn't work so he tried to put the price in and that didn't work and then he scanned them again and it took one cent off and the other one took three cents off. The guy behind me was starting to look mad so I just said it was ok. Gee, I saved a whole 4 cents and spent $12 for air fresheners I didn't really need.

I think I will leave the super couponing to people who know what they are doing.

I saved $19 and spent an extra $12. I will use the air fresheners eventually. I have a lot of them :) And it wasn't like they were super expensive and if I really wanted to push it I could have just said nevermind on those, but I felt bad for the guy who didn't know what he was doing and the people behind me in line.

Do you use coupons? Do you have any tips for me? I hate giving up on something so easily, but it was pretty frustrating!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way. I don't understand how people can save all that money.

Barb said...

I use to coupon when my sons were little and still like to but haven't in a while.

Stormy Days said...

It has never worked for me. IF I remember to cut them out, then I always seem to leave them on the table when I go shopping. I've been thinking about trying again, but I doubt I'll be any better. Those people on T.V. seem to have a lot of time to spend on coupons. I already have a hobby, I quilt.

For His Glory said...

You are so funny :) I am a couponer and save lots!! But I really have had to get into a habit and now I am super quick and know exactly what I'm looking for...If you only clip coupons for stuff you use and find stores with "in-ad" coupons you double your savings...For example Safeway had Welch's Grape juice in the bottle buy 4 pay 1.99 each...I went online printed two 1$ off coupons and then one in the mail for $1 off...So I got four jugs of juice (healthy juice) for $5! Good deal!! Anyways...Gotta get in a good habit of studying the grocery ads and then checking online coupons and newspapers :)