Saturday, December 6, 2008


I finished the quilt for the cross country coach today. It needed one more piece of border fabric since it is so tall and skinny and then had to be quilted and bound. I was going to leave the binding until tomorrow but decided I had no idea what tomorrow had in store for me and I wanted this done by Monday so I had better get it done tonight.

Here is the first of the Santa faces. It still needs eyes and a nose and moustache, but it is quilted (not like in this picture) so that should't take too much time. My friend took the pattern and simplified it so there are only a few pieces and now it should go together much faster. If only I hadn't cut out so many to begin with!

Here is the design wall I set up in my oldest daughter's bedroom. That was the only wall in the house I could find that was big enough and empty enough. I had to move a couple of pictures, but put up 2 yards of 72 inch felt I got at JoAnn's on sale last weekend. It isn't sticky enough to hold the squares, but with pins it works just fine. I am thinking of running a hair brush over the felt to make it fuzzier and think that might make it work better so I don't have to use pins, but for now, it is good. Right now, it is holding my daughter's t shirt quilt. The funny thing is, the pattern is called twist and shout, but all of the blocks are twisted the same way, so maybe I should change the name to just twisted! I didn't realize I was making the blocks wrong until I put the whole thing up on the design wall. I'm going to like having this so I can lay things out and step back to look at them while I put a quilt together. Before I just had to lay things on the floor and shoo the dogs and cat off of them. Of course, I had to clean the floor before starting any of this and that was always a pain!

And finally, this is the quilt that the foot broke while I was making. I tried to quilt it with a flames pattern. Some of the lines look like flames, some not so much. But it was something different and I'm sure some little boy will love it.

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