Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree yesterday at the Christmas tree farm. Of course, I don't have to tell anyone who knows me that I got lost getting there. I got lost at the airport too, when I went to pick up the car and then come around to pick up my daughter and her boyfriend after they got her bags. I had two choices for which way to turn coming out of the parking lot and I picked the wrong way. I have 100% chance of getting lost no matter where I go.

Back to the tree. It was drizzling rain and cold. But, we started this family tradition last year and this was daughter #2's turn to pick the tree. She was not about to let me forget that it was her turn to pick and she did not want to go to the grocery store and get one that had been cut down months ago. I found out today they are giving them away for free.

We walked the whole lot and she finally picked out the perfect tree. We brought our own saw this year because last year they only gave out rubber ones. Really. It had to be rubber. And daughter #1 picked out a tree with a 10 inch trunk and it took us 3 hours to cut it down. Really it did. But, our saw this year was really lame. I don't remember it having broken teeth when I used it last to cut down the cherry tree in the backyard. So, we borrowed one of theirs and cut this tree down in 10 minutes. It was a good thing, or we would have frozen to death. Now, don't laugh at me all of you people who live where there is snow. You chose to live there. It was 45 degrees outside yesterday and that is cold! I thought I was going to die! But, I didn't.

We got the tree home and put it up and it is PERFECT. Just the right height and super wide and holds all of the ornaments with enough room for more. Two of our light strands don't work and I have no idea why I saved them from last year, so the lights are a little skimpy, but I love the tree. I'm so glad we went out in the cold and got it instead of getting one from the corner store.

And then today, my oldest got the best news. She got accepted into the creative writing program at her college. Very few freshmen get accepted their first try in the program. I knew she could do it. But, I'm her mom, so it doesn't count. We celebrated with some ice cream cake and balloons.

One of my former students came by to visit today. He joined the army and they are kicking his butt. That's a good thing because I never could. He was one of those kids who drove me crazy and I'm so proud of him now. He gives me hope for some of the kids I have now who never get their work done.

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