Saturday, December 6, 2008

implementing the plan

Today I decided that why wait until Jan 1 to start my plan to work through my stash. There has been a box of fabric sitting in the way for at least a month now and I grabbed it and started sorting it. There was a whole bunch of really nice fabrics in there and I knew I wanted to keep all of them. Most of them were whites and off whites, creams and such and I don't want to make a whole quilt with those colors, but they will come in handy when piecing other things. So, I emptied a drawer in my dresser that holds my nicest fabrics and put those fabrics in the now empty box.

Then, I took those fabrics and started sorting. I picked out fabrics for several of the quilt tops that were needing backing. Some were in large enough pieces that they are ready to quilt. Some will need sewing together to be ready to go. I think I got at least 5 backing pieces out of that box. Then, there were two very large pieces from the original box that matched other quilt tops. If only I could have found some extra time in that box as well so I could get all of these quilt tops finished up, that would have been nice too :)

So, I am left with a box about half full of fabric scraps. There are about 6 that would go nicely together to make a black/white/pink quilt and I think that would be pretty neat. It is out of my normal range of colors and now I have to decide on a pattern for it. I would not cry if I can't use the rest of the fabrics before the end of the month and need to gift them to someone else. Nothing in that box is a favotite, but they are all nice fabrics that someone could use to make nice quilts.

I will have to see what I can get done by the end of this month and how well this idea works.

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