Thursday, December 4, 2008

new foot

Well, the new foot came yesterday and it didn't fit. It fit the machine, but the hold where the needle is supposed to go through the foot doesn't line up with the needle. So, when you turn the wheel and the needle comes down, it comes down right in the middle of the plastic part of the foot. Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? I'm so glad I ordered two different feet from two different places. I am going to be calling the first place sewingmachinesplus today and letting them know that the part they say will fit my machine will NOT fit my machine. They did this with the needles they sold me too. They were really good about just letting me keep the wrong ones since I had a machine that would fit those wrong needles, so now I have 100 free needles. But I don't have a machine that will fit this wrong foot, so they will be getting that back. I was just so excited that the foot came so quickly and then of course when it didn't fit right, was so disappointed.

I am hoping the second foot comes today and that it actually does work. Of course, this foot also came with the cover place and cost over $40. But, again, the original cover plate didn't fit the machine either, so...

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