Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally Friday

Vacation is here. I have pictures to share.

Binky Patrol was on Sunday and I collected about 80 quilts and afghans for the babies at NorthBay Hospital and the A Baby is Coming program and the NICU. I couldn't believe there were so many quilts dropped off this month. December is usually a slow month for our group, but one of the ladies got together for Thanksgiving with her entire family and cleaned out the garage and had a Binky Party. They set up sewing machines and had a huge ironing machine called a Mangle and went to town. She brought me 51 quilts they made. Of those quilts, there were some tiny Santa quilts for the preemies in the NICU. Those weren't made on Thanksgiving, but were made using the pattern I posted here from the Santa block. My friend took that pattern and simplified it so she could make it quicker. How cute are these little quilts? I wish I could get in the NICU and see how it is decorated with all of these little quilts!

Here is a shot of all of the quilts and afghans in the trunk of my car. I forgot the camera at home on Sunday.

Here is a shot of my little dogs. I took them in for grooming a couple of weeks ago. I asked that the one dog have as much hair left on her as possible because both dogs were severly matted when we got them. They left the back hair on her. She looks really weird, but since it is so cold out, it is like having a permanent coat on. Once her other hair grows out a little, I will have it all cut to the same length.

This shot is of the quilt I'm giving to a student at my high school who has lymphoma. She is undergoing chemo and I thought this quilt would bring her comfort. I was really pleased with the quilting on this one and love the color combo. My friend Nancy did the sewing on the quilt top on this one.
These last ones are of quilts I am giving as gifts to the two teachers' aides I work with. One is finished and one is still in progress. I will have to get that one back and finish it up and bring it to her house before Christmas. I just ran out of time to finish it.
And finally a picture of #1 son in his band concert last night. I could really hear him above all of the other kids and he really did sound the best. He loves to practice and is really, really good!


Mary said...

You've been busy! I love the Santa quilts and how great that you received so many quilts for the NICU?! The strippie is really cute too.

Alycia said...

So when do you sleep? I bet the teachers were thrilled with their quilts. Tell son Congrats - he looks good playing too!