Friday, December 26, 2008

10 to go

I completed 3 bindings today and only have 10 more to do before the end of the year to complete my goal of 100 quilts for 2008. I am still thinking about my goal for next year. I don't want to set it too high, but when I look around at all of the fabric sitting here, I would really like to put a dent in it and get this turned into quilts for kids.

I had set a goal of a box of fabric a month and started with a box that was sitting in the sewing room at the beginning of December. Today, I took the last pieces out that are useable and cut them into 6 1/2 inch squares and 3 1/2 inch strips. I am using the strips for bindings for these quilts and will use the squares to make the disappearing 9 patch quilt tops. I haven't really used up all of the fabric, most went into the 'to be quilted' piles with the quilt tops, but at least it has a purpose now, instead of sitting in a box. I have the next box ready. This one has mostly plaids and will make great backings too. It will also make great boy quilts. I think I will cut up a bunch of Turning Twenty blocks and bag those up for days when I don't feel like thinking. Most of the fabrics in this box go together because they are blues, browns, black/whites and will make great 'manly' quilt tops and backs.

It feels good to work through fabric quickly like this, but then when I start working on a quilt that takes me a long time--well, a few hours anyways, to put the top together, I feel guilty that I have so much fabric that needs attention. I need to find a balance between making quick quilts and improving my quilting skills. Maybe two quick quilts for every slower one or something like that.

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