Saturday, December 27, 2008

and then there were 9

I bound another quilt last night and can feel the muscles I used this morning. Who says quilters aren't body builders?

I have to wait until some more of the kids wake up this morning to get back to sewing. Maybe I should work on cleaning the sewing room some more while they are still asleep. Or, maybe I should cut fabric for the New Year's Eve Mystery I think I am going to try. I have always wanted to try out a mystery quilt and I think this year I am going to do it.

It is with a group called QTMysteryQuilts and you can join too on the Yahoo Groups page. It is also on the FabricaholicsAnonymous group and about 8 other groups, but those are the only two I belong to. I like this one because it uses 4 fabrics. But the presewing has me making half square triangles. I know, I said I wanted to get over my fear of half square triangles and what better way to do it than to jump in and just do it, but I'm afraid! How silly is that?

I guess I had better either go clean the sewing room or cut fabric and get over my fear. Either way, the day will be better for it.

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