Wednesday, June 25, 2008

waiting for jury duty

I'm on the computer, waiting for 5:30 to see if I got jury duty for tomorrow. I actually liked serving last time. I was on a trial for three people accused of making meth. It was very interesting and I got to be out of work for 3 days. We found all three people guilty. Of course, now I'm on summer vacation, so this would seriously cut into my quilting time, but hey, I live in a country where I GET to serve my country by sitting on a jury of my peers so I consider this an honor.

The smoke is really bad around here still. Emily went to a tennis camp this morning for 3 hours and then I took the youngest 3 kids swimming. I feel bad keeping them inside all day. Hey, people in Southern California live in this stuff year round and they don't keel over and die. It takes years to develop horrible diseases right? A couple of weeks can't be all that bad. The news says there are about 100 fires in the state of California right now. I believe them. Why would they lie?

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