Friday, June 27, 2008

my best friend, Nancy

Today, I busted some stash with my best friend Nancy. She came over for about 3 hours and we cut fabric for 16 quilts. We cut strips for the Quick Strippie pattern if you scroll down the blogs you will see it at the bottom. I already had one cut and she took them all home to sew. She will bring the ones back next week that she gets done so I can quilt them. She brought 6 quilt tops for me to work on, I guess I had better add those to my "to do" list on the side bar. I started with a pile of fabric and ended up with a pile just as big. How does that happen? If each quilt takes about 1 1/2 yards of fabric, I should have busted 25.5 yards of fabric, but where did it go? That means another 25 yards for the backs so 50 yards of fabric will be gone when these quilts are out of here. Think that will make any more room in the house? No, because as she was about to leave, I went out to the shed and grabbed a box of fabric to sort through. We had a good laugh at some of it. There was one piece with phesants on it and another with naked trolls! Who wants a blanket with naked trolls? NOT I!!! She thought I should make pajamas out of that one. I asked, "so nobody can see it because you wear it in the dark?" What were they thinking? The box has about 60 yards of fabric in it. So much for making room...

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