Friday, June 27, 2008

making babies

No, not the real ones. These are preemie dolls people use as 'fit' models to try on preemie clothes for real babies. I have been making these for over a year and a half and giving them away to a group called All Crafts for Charity (AC4C). I still have about 35 more to make.

Each on takes about 2 hours to make from cutting to sewing to stuffing to making the hat and blanket. You can't just send them into the world naked you know. That would just be wrong!

The babies come in all sizes from 6 pounds down to 1 pound. I even made an 8 ounce one, but that was really hard to sew.

Here's a link to the webpage with all the details of the contest I sponsored in January of 2007. Yeah, it's taken a long time to make all of these dolls.

I also quilted the farm scene quilt today and am going to have a friend come over for a while. She wants to try out the quilting machine and cut some more fabric.

I got a phone call from a Binky Patrol chapter in Orange County (S. Cal) and she wanted to know if I wanted some fabric from a lady in San Francisco. Of course, those of you who know me, know I can't say no to fabric. I got an email from the lady saying that her mother was an avid quilter who has Alzheimer's and has over 100 yards of high quality quilting fabric to donate. I'm going to see how we can make the connection. Of course, that means I have to work quicker to make room for it.

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