Monday, June 23, 2008

favorite patterns

Here are some links to my favorite patterns. The first is a simple stripe pattern using three different fabrics. If you can sew a sort of straight line, you can make this quilt.

The second is made using lots of different scraps of fabric. It is set in a brick layout so no seams match. That is one thing that make it a favorite of mine! Plus, it is fun for the kids to play I Spy with all the different fabrics.

Finally, there is my current favorite from ButtonBerry where you take 12 fat quarters (1/4 yards of fabric) and turn them into a gorgeous quilt. I can cut up yards of fabric and then mix and match to make lots of great looking quilts this way. I have about 20 quilts cut out, waiting to be sewn together.

click on the Enter Gallery link to get the pattern

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