Wednesday, June 25, 2008

on call

Well, I didn't get called for tomorrow, but am on call for Friday. I guess they remember me as the one to make the trial last an extra day. Hey, I was having fun and wanted to be sure I had all the evidence. Oh, well, I guess I get an extra day to quilt =)

Here's what I got done today.

These quilts were all donated from the San Jose Binky Patrol chapter when it closed down. I think there are 14 or so of them all together. They are just 6 1/2 inch squares sewn together and are made of a polyester type fabric for the top. Not your typical baby quilt, but I love the look of the quilts. I just pin basted them together and did a stitch in the ditch along all the intersections. Each quilt only took a few minutes to stitch together. The batting was donated about a year ago from someone who does long arm quilting and these were extra pieces of really nice cotton batting. I just pieced some of it together to make pieces big enough for some of these quilts. Some of the batting was big enough for one quilt. Now to finish them off. I have 6 more needing stitching. These little quilts are about 30 inches square.

Here is the back of the first quilt. I had to take out the stitching and fix it. See the pucker? I'm learning!

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