Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

 These are the last quilts for the month.  No, they weren't all quilted today, but over the last couple of weeks and since I haven't posted much due to my super migraine, here they are.
 We are still having beautiful weather around here.  So much for our El Nino prediction of lots of rain.  We sure could use a little more to help us through the coming summer, but I really can't complain too much about days in the 70's.  I know many of my friends are stuck in the snow and cold.
 Last week in Biology, we did a fun activity where we used a DNA message to make Rice Krispies.  The kids had to follow the DNA code, change the message into mRNA and then into tRNA and finally into the protein (the final product-the treat).  If they do it wrong, they end up adding things like ketchup or soy sauce.  The kids had a great time practicing what they have learned about DNA.  Today when they had to summarize the activity, most students really had a grasp of how proteins are made in cells.  When I went shopping on Saturday, I picked up some marshmallows and Rice Krispies for my son and showed him how to make the treats.
I never realized that we've never made them before.  He loves to cook (if you call heating marshmallows in the microwave cooking!) and we've made two batches so far.  He also loves helping make pork chops too, so we don't only make junk food.  It's nice to have a helper in the kitchen and I know he will appreciate having the life skills when he is off on his own.

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