Monday, February 1, 2016

Hello February

This is the final quilt of January but I didn't get time to post last night.  I have one quilt on the machine that I hope to get finished before I head off to bed, but there is a long piece of backing so there will be probably three quilts worth there.

We had a gorgeous day today, although it is very cold.  I know, most of you are dealing with snow, so cold is relative.  Cold for California means 50 degrees with a bit of a breeze.  My nose got a bit of a chill and I had to wear a jacket, although I didn't button it.  But, that's why we pay so much to live here.

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Farm Quilter said...

You make me laugh!!! I don't think I've been in 50 degree weather since November!! Of course, in a bit over a week I'm heading off to visit my daughter for 6 weeks and she's been complaining that it has been in the 60s at night (or early morning since she heads off for work by 5 AM), but the days have been in the 80s. Yeah, she pays for it too - Oahu isn't cheap for anything!!! I'm so looking forward to being warm!!! Only bad thing is that I won't be able to bring all my sewing stuff, so for 6 weeks I'll only be able to do hand work, which I HATE!!