Saturday, February 20, 2016

hooded towels

I read this article online about kids at a homeless shelter being given hooded towels and thought, hey, I have been making these towels with no real purpose, other than to make them because they are cute.  I contacted the lady in charge and she said she had some who couldn't send some towels she had promised because she didn't have the money and so now I know what to do with all of these towels!  They will have a good home at the shelter and I hope the kids like them.
 I'm learning new skills with each towel and maybe one day I will be ready to sell them in my etsy store.  You have to be very careful to cut closely to the outline stitch so the satin stitch covers over exactly and that's the hardest part about the whole thing.  They go together pretty quickly once you have the applique picture done on them.
They aren't just for kids either.  I made one for my son's girlfriend for Christmas.  The towels are pretty big and I make the hoods big enough for a grown up to fit.  

When my oldest was a little girl, I made her one without anything on it.  That was her favorite towel.  She loved being able to keep it on her head when she got out of the bath.  I still have it 25 years later, holes and all.  You would think I might get rid of it since I own about 50 towels, but for some reason it sticks around here, along with the kitchen towels with cows on them I got as a wedding gift.  I guess I'm a bit sentimental or just a packrat.


Charlene S said...

I love those towels and would love the pattern to make a few.

Carol S. said...

I used to make hooded towels, but they were definitely not as cute as these!