Monday, February 15, 2016

not quite 10

 Well, having a goal is great, because there is something to aim for, but I don't beat myself up if I don't reach it.  I managed to get 7 quilts done this weekend.  Today I decided to finally take in the recycling which I had put off for the past year.  $115 later and you can figure how much of a job that was!  I made quite a bit of room in the garage and made a promise not to put it off so long next time.
My son wanted to come home from college again this weekend, which meant two trips there and back and while school is only 30 minutes away, that's 2 hours out of the weekend.  He's having a bit of a struggle this quarter.  He joined the Crew team this year and found out that most of the guys on the team think drinking and partying is the way to go.  The team wants all the guys to participate and they have mandatory parties (you don't have to drink, but you do have to contribute to the booze fund) and my son wasn't too happy having to hang out around that.  He crashed on his bike a couple weeks ago and got a concussion.  The doctor said he needed to rest for a week and so couldn't exercise or participate in the last rowing event.  He got a couple nasty emails from some of the guys on the team strongly suggesting he quit and after some careful thought, he decided that he could find people who he had more in common with him elsewhere.

He really enjoyed the sport and made a few good friends and loved pushing himself physically.  He's in much better shape because of the experience and I hope he is able to keep up with all of the things he learned.  He's looking forward to new experiences now and I think this weekend gave him some grounding he needed.  I'm glad he picked a college close to home.
If you haven't checked out my Etsy page yet, take a look.  I'm having fun making clothes and supplies for dogs.  I swore I would never be one of 'those people' who dressed their dog, but now I've jumped in with both feet and have to admit it is really fun.  I'm not sure I will ever have grandkids, so little dogs are the next best thing.

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