Friday, February 26, 2016

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 So I've been quiet on the blog lately because I've had a killer migraine since last Thursday.  I've finally started feeling better today.  The last time I got botox was October 12 and I really didn't think it was doing much this time around.  I had the doctor skip the temple shots last time because #1 they hurt really badly and #2 they made it hard to move my jaw to chew.  I thought maybe that was what made the botox less effective or maybe it just gets less effective over time?
 And then after the fourth day in a row of a killer migraine, I realized I hadn't had one like that since getting the botox in October.  I emailed the doctor on Monday and his office called me around noon saying they would try to fit me into the schedule that day.  They asked if I could come right then and I might have to wait a little.  I explained that I am a teacher and can't just leave work.  So, the nurse asked if I could be there at 2.  No, you see I'm a teacher and can't just leave work.  So, she said, can you be here at 3?
 One more time, I'm a teacher...I figured she'd just hang up on me, but instead, she said, well, what time can you get here?  I said 3:45 was the earliest and knew she would just tell me to come in a month, but said she would ask the doctor (since the latest I've ever been able to schedule an appointment was 2) and she came back to say, come in at 3:45.  I didn't get there until 4 because of traffic and parking and he got to me right away.
 18 shots in the head later and I was out by 4:15.  I do have to say I love Kaiser sometimes!  I'm finally starting to feel some relief today so I do believe the botox is working on the migraines and I don't think I will wait as long before getting it again.  I'm supposed to go back every 3 months, but it is so painful.  All of those shots into the forehead, temples (those are the worst) and back of the skull are some of the worst pain ever.  I wish the doctor could numb the area first.
 There is a fundraising event tomorrow for some of the local dog rescue groups and the local animal shelter where I got two of my dogs and I'm donating a bunch of stuff.  Some dog hats, a couple of handmade dog sweaters, the butterfly wings for dogs and the leftover cat keychains I made for my son's Egypt study.  I was hoping to get a quilt done too, but this migraine has really kept me from doing much at the end of each day.
 Plus, I had basketball duty this week on Wednesday.  It was a playoff game and I guess a big deal.  I'm not into sports so I didn't realize the significance of the game.  Our kids were winning for most of the game and then the other team pulled ahead.  We were losing until the last 2 seconds of the game when we got the last basket and won by 1 point.  You should have seen the crowd.  Our fans ran onto the court like it was the national championship or something.  The other guys were not happy and the coach from the other team punched the door to the locker room and had a few choice words that should not be said in front of children.  I had to open the door for their team and was not impressed with the sportsmanship shown by the coach.
I don't think the focus should be on the winning or losing, but on if you played well or tried your best.  I gave the coach a 'I'm not happy with you' teacher look as he walked past me.  I doubt he cared very much. :)

I hope my donations help raise some money for the homeless animals.  Since I'm not allowed to bring any more dogs home, it's the least I can do to help out.  Now, if a stray puppy happens to follow me home, I can't help that and my husband might not even notice.  The neighbors behind me got another puppy this week.  He's a little cutie!

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Charlene S said...

Sometimes the adults can learn sportsmanship from the students. Sorry you had to endure that with a migraine. Take care of yourself - remember to be proactive not reactive.