Sunday, January 22, 2017

asking for help

 I'm not very good about asking for help sometimes, but yesterday I asked Carla to send out an email asking for people to help with binding quilts because Rhoda, my friend who has done most of the bindings for the Binky quilts found out she has arthritis in her wrist and her shoulder is giving her troubles.  She is unable to bind quilts for us for a while.  I hope they figure out what is wrong and she can help again, but we have quilts piling up.
 I also asked for people to make preemie quilt tops or blankets or whole quilts.  I had a great response and dropped off quilts yesterday and today to three different people for binding.  I think there were 20 quilts that will be bound and ready to go over the next week or so.  That's great considering we've been pretty quiet lately.  Carla's machine is acting up and doing the same thing mine did before it died so hopefully she will be able to get hers fixed faster than I did and she will be back to working on quilts again quickly.
 I also had several people offer to make some preemie quilt tops and some blankets out of fleece or flannel.  I need to get busy cutting some fabric kits because there are some people who also want kits to work on.  I should just quit my job and work on quilts full time.  I could fill my days with all of the things I could be doing!  I have enough fabric to last about a year if I worked full time at it, that's for sure.
I could also use some help with school work.  I have needed to get things done over the weekends, but last weekend I had such terrible migraines 2 out of the 3 days and yesterday I worked all day.  We have to change around the way we are teaching science.  Every few years someone way up in the government decides that their way is the best way and this time around it's called Next Generation Science Standards.  It's been in the works for several years and there are more projects and less of the teacher telling the student the answer.  So, no only do we have to change the order of how we are teaching (Physics will be taught 9th grade year instead of Earth science) but since we are changing the name of the course 10th grade year and I have an old credential, I will have to take about 4 tests to teach the exact same class.  About 3 years ago our school changed the name of the class from Integrated Science to biology because my credential didn't allow me to teach integrated science.  Well, we are going back to Integrated Science so I have to get the new credential, even though I've been teaching the same class for 15 years.  And people wonder why teachers leave the profession?

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