Wednesday, January 18, 2017

new camera cord

Yay, my camera cord came today and now I can post pictures again.

 I put my machine to good use this weekend working on quilts and am happy to be back working again.  I had some troubles with it shocking me for the first couple of days, but it must have been the weather because after the first couple of days, it hasn't shocked me since.  My knitting machine also was shocking me so maybe it was me doing the shocking.  I do have an electric personality!
 I did get some bad news this weekend.  My primary binding buddy has arthritis in her wrist and has pain in her shoulder so she won't be able to do any bindings for me for a long time.  I will need to find some more people to do all of these bindings now.  Probably lots of somebodies.  It's hard to find people who love to do bindings as much as my friend Rhoda did.
 It has been raining like crazy today and the winds have been insane.  We've been having sustained winds of 50 miles per hour.  It feels like the house is about to get blown over, especially up stairs.  It's pretty funny because about once a month I wake up and tell my husband to check for an earthquake.  He always thinks I'm crazy, but will check anyways.  Tonight he's the one who thought there was an earthquake because the house was shaking so much from the wind.  I'm just worried the big trees we have around will get blown over.  They are coming down all over the neighborhood.  Fences are falling down everywhere too.
 The creeks and rivers around town have been cresting and one has even reached flood stage.  In 2005 it flooded and a friend of my daughter came to stay with us for a couple of weeks because her apartment flooded and her mom had to find a new place to stay until the apartment was fixed.  We were just notified that the same creek is flooding again, which means the roads around it are flooding.  I hope that they have fixed the drains enough so people who had flooding last time don't have to deal with those same issues.  Some of our students live in those houses and I have a good friend whose house flooded.  She stayed home last week to keep watch on the creek.
We asked for rain, but this is a bit too much.  When I came home, the house was really cold and I couldn't figure out why the heater wasn't keeping up to keep the house warm.  I had to eventually take the dog door out of the sliding glass door.  The dogs will not go outside with this much rain and wind anyways, but the 50 mile an hour winds were just blowing in and cooling the house down to 62 degrees.  It was 'freezing' in here.  I know some of you have real cold weather, but for this California girl I'm not used to dealing with anything this cold and stormy.  Once I took the dog door out and got the wind to stop coming in, the heater was able to keep up and the house has warmed up nicely.  Finally I can go to bed and hopefully sleep through the shaking and blustery wind outside.  It's a good thing my days at school are long and exhausting so I can sleep well at night. :)  There's a silver lining to every storm.  I just hope I wake up in the morning and the trees are still standing and the roads are open.

Another exciting adventure awaits.

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