Monday, January 9, 2017

what a crazy day!

Wow, the saying about everything going wrong on the same day sure did come true today. 

This morning started with my computer not working at school. I was promised a working system when they installed the new projectors and that's why I went on Friday to play with the new set up. Not only did the computer not would not turn on. But once it got tuned on, it would not talk to the document camera or the Internet. Our grades were due at monoglot tonight but nobody could access the grade program today so they had to push back the deadline. 

They had promised that my vcr would be hooked up and working but again those were hollow words as the vcr doesn't show anything.

There was no paper for the copy machine. The department chair asked for some but because the Internet was out the message never made it to the library where the paper is stored. Luckily I had some squirreled away but then the copy machine jammed about 7 times.

We were told to take attendance by Jane but not given a class roster so I wasn't sure which students were supposed to be in my class. 

I had planned a very short inspirational video to start the class with and my lesson plan was on the Internet which I couldn't access. About two minutes before school started I decided to throw out the lesson plan and go with the idea that for I ended the day and all of the students were still alive it would be a successful day.

I could not get the air to work in the classroom. I could get the air to turn on for five minutes and then it would shut off. After ten minutes of no fresh air and 30 stinky teens the room got so stuffy. 

I'm not sure if the kids had any idea that my day was chaotic or not. Half of them were asleep.

The last thing befor leaving for the day was an email from the principle saying we were down custodians and our rooms would not get cleaned. The perfect ending to the perfect day. 

Then my poor little guy comes with this list for homework. 

He's pretty sure his teachers ganged up on him to torrure him. 


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